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"Three-Volley" Pendant

In reverence to the spirit of service, Altiere Custom Rings and Our Partners pledge a $50.00 donation to a Veteran or Law Enforcement Organization with the creation of every pendant, embodying a steadfast commitment to supporting those who have dedicated themselves to our communities and country.

Introducing the "Three-Volley Salute" Memorial Pendant, an exquisite creation by Master Craftsman Nicholas Altiere of Altiere Custom Rings. This Custom piece of jewelry is a deeply personal and a unique memorial.

Each pendant is a profound tribute, embodying honor and remembrance, forged from the spent cartridges of the solemn Honor Guard Salute dedicated to your loved one. With the utmost reverence and precision, two rim caps from the casings are delicately extracted, expertly machined to precise dimensions, and then seamlessly soldered back-to-back. These transformed elements are then cradled within a ring of sterling silver or gold, where a meticulously machined channel ensures their secure placement. Through an innovative process exclusive to Altiere Custom Rings, the precious metal is meticulously shrunk around the caps, encasing them in their new sanctuary. The final refinement is a labor of love, as each pendant undergoes meticulous hand-polishing until it gleams with a dignified beauty befitting its solemn purpose – to serve as an enduring memorial to your loved one.

Be Different

"Our Mission at Altiere Custom Rings is to

Create a Unique Ring for Everyone that wants to be Different"

- Nicholas Altiere


It's in the name!

Custom is the manifestation of a vision, into wearable reality and that is what we do. Think it, make it and always strive to BE DIFFERENT! ACR uses a vast array of materials from around the world and we will assist you in choosing the right ones for you. From Silver and Gold to Carbon Fiber and Mammoth Tooth, we have something for everyone. Altiere Custom Rings vision of wearable art will definitely separate you from the crowd.

Check out our online SHOP, maybe your vision has already been created. We have a number of different rings that you can choose from or mix and match different elements that may suit you.

You can always Call, Text or Email for assistance in making the right choice!

All Rings are Handcrafted in beautiful Duluth, MN U.S.A.
Explore and Enjoy!

That 70's Show


Introducing the Vacation Ring: Your New Travel Companion!

When you're on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is your precious diamond ring. At Altiere Custom Rings, we understand the importance of keeping your Wedding Ring safe while still maintaining that special connection with your spouse.

The Vacation Ring is a brilliant solution crafted to match your spouse's wedding band in a smaller, narrower version. Designed for your peace of mind, this ring allows you to securely store your expensive diamond ring in the hotel room safe while you enjoy your travels.

Each Vacation Ring is meticulously created with the same care and attention to detail as our other custom pieces. It's a stylish and practical alternative, ensuring you can relax and cherish your vacation moments without concern.

Discover the perfect Vacation Ring today and experience a worry-free journey with your loved one.



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231 E. Superior St. Suite 103

Duluth, MN 55802



Altiere Custom Rings can create a Memorial Cremation Ring by incorporating the ashes of your loved one or pet into the ring design. For more information regarding this service click the Memorial Button below






Artist / Owner

Thank you for visiting Altiere Custom Rings! My name is Nicholas Altiere and I am an Award Winning Coin Ring Artist and alternative materials specialist. I live and work in Duluth, MN where I grew up and learned to appreciate nature and the beauty around me. My love of travel has pushed me to venture all around this amazing country of ours, from coast to coast. Somewhere along my journey a spark was ignited to find unique materials and create exquisite works of wearable art, that would stand the test of time. With a great deal of drive and passion, I have been able to build a brand that will help set you apart from the crowd. "Be Different" is my tag line, because there is no better form of freedom than traveling your own path.

Thank you for helping me fulfill my dreams and I look forward to helping you "Be Different"

Nicholas Altiere


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Duluthian makes his mark in custom rings - Duluth News Tribune

Duluthian makes his mark in custom rings - Duluth News Tribune

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